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Sharon Uyterhoeven said:   August 18, 2014 8:04 am PST
Hello, I just recently found you on meetup and am very interested in learning more and attending the events you host. I am able to communicate w/spirits and do literally 24/7 and in my sleep of course. I see them often. I am learning more and more about the gifts I have, but have so much more to learn so I can be of help to people also. I look forward to meeting you and learning as much as I can with you all and possibly help if I am able. THANK YOU

Diana Natal said:   July 12, 2014 11:11 am PST
I meet some of the team members at the Florida SuperCon in Miami, during the 4th of July weekend. It was very interesting to me and their approach on how they investigate. My experience was a little taken back when I was read at one of the meeting, something I was hoping for, but not sure if it would happened. Overall it was great, I wish you all the very best. A friend.

Iris Arellano said:   March 8, 2014 11:51 pm PST
Hello, I am very please and happy with Paranormal Crossroad Investigations group. They were just at my house and left like 20 minutes ago. Four people came, Agim, Kris, Tiff and a medium that is in fact the REAL THING. There is no gimmick with this team at all. They are the real thing. They are very professional, sweet and pleasant. They interviewed me, then they walked around the house with their equipment. A medium arrived and this guy was amazing. He was able to tune in with my grandpa and gradnma. They knew things that no one had mentioned to them. They made me cry a couple of times. They truly are a sweet, sweet group of people and couldn't be happier. They helped me clear the "Air" out with my gradparents. I think they will be coming back to the house because this was just a preliminary thing to see IF it was a paranormal thing or something that could of disproved/debunked to random house stuff like appliances, pipes or whatever. I know that the work is not done but I have my complete trust in this group. They are beautiful people that do this with a passion and grace.

Paul Meckes said:   October 15, 2013 2:05 pm PST
Looking forward in working with you all in the near future. All the best!

Cindy said:   September 29, 2013 1:59 pm PST
I had several ghosts in my former home up North. It was an old home (built 1919) Seeing these things I did further research and found out a little girl had died on the property. Her Mom had appeared to me and was very upset crying. The other ghosts in the house were not harmful in any way just people walking through our rooms like they still ived there.

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