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I use to be part of this team when it was under another name. The name has changed but the people that form this team are still awesome!! If your looking for help don't over look this team, they are all about helping anyone in need. Remember " Keep The Positive Energy Flowing!" -Bob Cenkner Paranormal Wavelengths Radio


Paranormal Crossroads Investigations is one of the most reputable teams in the entire state of Florida with a diverse group of professional's. I would work with them anytime! Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida - Gary Lee Walters - Founder

Photo by Miriam Lorenzi • Miriphoto.com

Dave is the popular author of best-selling Ghosts of St. Augustine and Ancient City Hauntings, Ghosthunting Florida, 12-21-12 (by Parker Lee-a pen name). and  award-winning Crossing the Elde Bridge. He has also published numerous magazine articles and appeared on radio and television; and he is currently working on 3 novels, and a nonfiction book about paranormal investigators. 
Please check out his blog on PCI     http://davelapham.wordpress.com


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