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'A Scientific Road to Supernatural Discoveries'

Paranormal Crossroads Investigations is a very unique team of the most diversified kind. Our team is comprised of many vocations including healthcare professionals, law enforcement officers, moms, dads, business owners, students as well as high school and college professors!  Spiritually, we are equally as eclectic! Our beliefs include Christianity, Judaism, Wicca, Buddhism & Native American.  We are also multi-lingual, with team members who speak English, Spanish, Hebrew and Farsi!

So many have asked us what could bring such a group of us together; The answer is simple. We have a shared passion to grow and assist our communities and to educate and further the study of the paranormal sciences.
Each of our team members is closely connected. We consider ourselves one family.

We cover all of Florida from the Panhandle to Key West as well as the Tri-State Kentucky area and Lima Peru! 

PCI is diligently striving to find answers, explanations, and verification of the paranormal. We want to continually provide comfort and support through a structured approach to investigating claims of this phenomenon. 

We are one team...with one passion...and have one mission. That is, to ensure families, businesses, and historical locations that they are not alone. Our priority is to provide compassionate sound guidance and direction to our clients who are potentially facing the most uncomfortable of paths in their ‘crossroads’ of life. 

PCI works FREE of charge.
Love offerings are accepted


What we do is for a purpose & because of passion. 

PCI excepts love donations and has specific needs and are that are specificly detailed at


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